Otay Mesa Parking

Just $8.00 a day — Open 24/7 –

Safe, afford­able and reli­able Tijuana Air­port park­ing alter­na­tive in Otay Mesa.

If you are fly­ing out of Tijuana Air­port for the week­end, for the hol­i­days or for sev­eral days, then Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing is your best option. The air­port is just 2 miles away.

The best place to leave your vehi­cle on the Amer­i­can side is at Delta Truck Park­ing. We are secure, cheap, reli­able and close to Tijuana Airport.

The park­ing facil­ity is secure. There is one entrance/exit gate. It is fully fenced and mon­i­tored. There is peo­ple on duty 24/7. Your car is always being monitored.

  • All park­ing ser­vices are sub­ject to avail­abil­ity. How­ever, with an online reser­va­tion (credit/debit card required) your spot and rate is guaranteed.
  • There is a one hour grace period before you will be charged for the next full day. We do not pro­rate for par­tial days.
  • Cash is the only meth­ods of pay­ment we accept when you don’t book online. It is paid at the gate with the atten­dant, ahead of time, not on your return.
  • Cus­tomers must leave car keys — no excep­tion
  • use our park­ing cal­cu­la­tor to esti­mate your park­ing costs.
  • we are at 8468 Air­way Road, Otay Mesa, CA 92154
  • con­tact us be email
  • Please note that we run a com­mer­cial park­ing lot where reg­u­lar cars and big trucks are served. Big trucks are the rea­son we have a strong secu­rity set in place.
  • If you don’t mind our truck dri­vers and if you don’t mind leav­ing your car keys with us, then you just found the safest same-day and long-term park­ing lot in Otay Mesa.


How it works — car parking

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How to find us?

We are located at 8468 Air­way Road. Otay Mesa, CA 92154. It is just 500 feet of “La Media Road” exit over SR-905 East.

  1. merge onto SR-905 East
  2. turn right at La Media Road exit
  3. turn left at Air­way Road
  4. we are on the right side of the road