Park­ing in Otay Mesa bor­der near Tijuana Airport

Just $8.00 a day — Open 24/7 –

Delta Truck Park­ing is 1 mile from Otay Mesa bor­der and 4 miles from Tijuana Inter­na­tional Air­port. To get to the Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing we have free shut­tle avail­able 24 hours. Shut­tle wait time to the bor­der cross­ing is 5 min­utes or less.

The park­ing facil­ity has one entrance/exit gate. It is fully fenced and mon­i­tored. There is peo­ple on duty 24/7. Your car is always being monitored.


How it works

Basi­cally you pull into our park­ing lot. We take down your infor­ma­tion. Our com­pli­men­tary shut­tle will drive you in our mini-van or pas­sen­ger van to the Otay Mesa bor­der walkway.

Watch our 5-minute video titled “How it works“. It is a step-by-step ser­vice descrip­tion video.

  • To cross the bor­der into Tijuana:
    • you have to walk for about 5 min­utes onto a flat, fenced walk­way that runs par­al­lel to CA-905
    • watch our 3-minute video titled “Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing pedes­trian
    • in Tijuana, you would need to take a cab to your destination
    • Taxis are avail­able 24/7. The fare is for the ride not per passenger
    • click here for Tijuana Air­port Shut­tle referrals


  • To cross the bor­der back into Otay Mesa
    • take a cab back to Otay Mesa (Garita de Otay)
    • go through U.S. cus­toms and immigration
    • walk to our shut­tle wait­ing area
    •  call us at 619–721-0087 to be picked up
    • our dri­ver will bring you back to our lot.
    • your car will be ready for you as you step off the shuttle


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How to find us?

We are located at 8468 Air­way Road. Otay Mesa, CA 92154. It is just 500 feet of “La Media Road” exit over CA-905 East.

  1. merge onto CA-905 East
  2. turn right at La Media Road exit
  3. turn left at Air­way Road
  4. we are on the right side of the road