Long Term Parking

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Long term park­ing near Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing at Delta Truck Park­ing. Safer and cheaper Tijuana Air­port park­ing alter­na­tive. If you fly out of Tijuana Inter­na­tional Air­port and need long term park­ing in Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing for your car, we are open 24 hours every­day. Our park­ing fee is just $7.00 dol­lars a day. Reser­va­tions are not required.

Delta Truck Park­ing is located just 1.5 miles north of the Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing. We pro­vide free shut­tle ser­vice to/from the bor­der cross­ing line. The shut­tle is avail­able 24 hours every­day. It’s avail­able at 11pm Sun­day night or 2am Tues­day morn­ing or 6am Mon­day morn­ing. It’s avail­able 24 hours every sin­gle day of the year, includ­ing major hol­i­days like Christ­mas and New Years Day.

To park with us you would need to leave your car keys. Our park­ing lot is safe and secure. We are very pop­u­lar with peo­ple who fly out of Tijuana Air­port. We are also pop­u­lar with cus­tomers who own very expen­sive lux­ury cars. They like us because we keep their expen­sive cars safe and secured.


Delta Truck Park­ing Ser­vice Details


Busi­ness Address, Mail­ing Address and Hours of Oper­a­tion

Business address, mailing address and hours of operationWe are located at 8468 Air­way Road, Otay Mesa, CA 92154. To find us in Google Maps just click on this link Delta Truck Park­ing Google Maps.

Our mail­ing address is 2475A Paseo de las Amer­i­cas, PMB 1057, San Diego, CA 92154.

Our OFFICE hours are Mon­day through Fri­day from 9am to 7pm. This are office hours and not park­ing lot hours of oper­a­tion. The park­ing lot is attended and mon­i­tored 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our park­ing hours of oper­a­tion are 24 hours. The park­ing lot is attended and mon­i­tored 24 hours every­day, 7 days a week. We are pri­mar­ily a long term park­ing lot in Otay Mesa near the bor­der crossing.

We are open for busi­ness day and night. We are open at 3am on Sun­day or at 1am on Tues­day or at 11:30pm in Decem­ber 30 or at 5am on Thanks Giv­ing Day or mid­night on New Years Day. We are open 24 hours every sin­gle day of the year.




Park­ing Fees and Park­ing Reservations

Parking Fees $7 and $8 a DayPark­ing fee is flat $7.00 dol­lars a day. There is no other charge for park­ing. It is just $7.00 dol­lars a day. Park­ing fee runs in 24 hour peri­ods. The pro-rated rate is $1.00 dol­lars an hour. We only take cash as form of pay­ment. We don’t take credit and debit cards. We don’t take per­sonal and busi­ness checks.

We have cov­ered and uncov­ered park­ing. Park­ing fee is the same for cov­ered or uncov­ered park­ing, $7.00 dol­lars a day. Cover park­ing is sub­ject to avail­abil­ity. Most over­size vehi­cles might not fit in any of our car canopies.

Park­ing reser­va­tions are not required. We have room for up to 150 vehi­cles at any given time. To read more about park­ing fee struc­ture click her Park­ing Fees.

Long term park­ing fees are $7.00 dol­lars a day.



Dri­ving Direc­tions: Map and Videos

driving directions to Delta Truck ParkingWe are located at 8468 Air­way Road, Otay Mesa, CA 92154 (MAP)

1) Merge onto CA-905East from either I-5 or I-805. Both free­ways merge with high­way 905.

2) Take exit 7 for La Media Road and turn right at the traf­fic light.

3) drive for 1/2 mile on La Media on turn left at 1st stop sign for Air­way Road

4) drive for 300 feet on Air­way Road, we are on the right side of the road.

5) if you pre­fer to watch our video on how to get to our park­ing lot click here

Dri­ving Direc­tions Video to Delta Park­ing through I-805 South and

Dri­ving Direc­tions through CA-125 South “Toll”.




From Delta Truck Park­ing to Tijuana Airport

from Delta Parking two Tijuana AirportTo go from Delta Truck Park­ing to Tijuana air­port is safe, fast and easy.

1) we are 1.5 miles north of the bor­der cross­ing and pro­vide free shut­tle to the bor­der cross­ing line at any time of the day, any day of the week. We drop you off right at the begin­ning of the pedes­trian walkway.

2) at the pedes­trian walk­way, you would have to walk for about 5 min­utes or less to go across the bor­der; Walk­ing Across the Bor­der into Tijua­naVideo.

3) in Tijuana you would need to take a taxi to Tijuana air­port. Taxis are read­ily avail­able 24 hours every­day. They can be found at 3 dif­fer­ent loca­tions. The taxi fare goes from $5 to $15.00 dol­lars. We rec­om­mend the ones clos­est to the bor­der cross­ing. They are more expen­sive but more reli­able. If you want to see what they all look like watch our video here Taxis in Tijuana Bor­der Side to Tijuana Air­port. Keep in mind that the taxis in this area are small like a Yaris or Sen­tra. The taxi fare is per trip and not per per­son. Bring change as taxi dri­vers never seem to have change. They take both Pesos and dollars.

The air­port is just 2 miles west of the bor­der cross­ing and the drive to the air­port should be be 10 min­utes or less or 5 min­utes with no traffic.



From Tijuana Air­port Back to Delta Truck Parking

from Tijuana airport back to Delta Parking

To get back to Delta Park­ing from Tijuana air­port is fast, easy and safe.

1) take taxi at the air­port ter­mi­nal back to Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing (Garita de Otay). Expect to pay $15.00 dol­lars or less for the taxi ride. Taxis are avail­able 24 hours every­day. Any taxi com­pany at the air­port ter­mi­nal is safe to use.

2) Taxi dri­ver will drop you off near the Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing (see these pic­tures to illus­trate). To walk across there are three pedes­trian lines; Nor­mal, Ready and Sen­tri. These three pedes­trian lines are NOT marked on the sidewalk.

When the taxi dri­ver drops you off at the bor­der, you will see peo­ple wait­ing in line against a big brick wall, that would be the nor­mal line. If you don’t have Ready Lane doc­u­ments or Sen­tri line card, this is the line for you.

If you have Ready Lane doc­u­ments you walk stand­ing near the edge of the curb. Click here for Ready Lane doc­u­ments require­ments. If you have Sen­tri card, you would be walk­ing on the side of the road. Space is lim­ited to have that many peo­ple on a nar­row sidewalk.


3) go through US Cus­toms, call us at (619) 721‑0087 and let us know that you need to be picked up and start walk­ing towards pickup loca­tion. As you walk out of the Cus­toms build­ing turn left and walk for about 2 min­utes. You will see peo­ple wait­ing to be picked at a cul-de-sac. To the left you will be able to see the struc­ture of a bank build­ing inside a shop­ping cen­ter, First Bank. Wait for our dri­ver under the roof of the bank struc­ture. Do not wait for us at the cul-de-sac but. To illus­trate click here Pick Up Pro­ce­dures Upon Your Return)




Shut­tle to Otay Mesa Bor­der Crossing

shuttle to otay mesa border crossingFree 24-hour shut­tle to Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing. We pro­vide free shut­tle to and from the pedes­trian bor­der cross­ing at Otay Mesa. There is no wait time for the free shut­tle to the bor­der cross­ing. To pick you up at the bor­der cross­ing the wait time is 10 min­utes or less.

Pick up pro­ce­dures upon your return are these: as you come out of the US Cus­toms build­ing turn left and walk for five min­utes or less to the end of the road. You will come to a cul-de-sac or turn-around area. To the left of that turn-around you will see bank build­ing, First Bank, wait for us at the bank’s park­ing lot. DO NOT WAIT for us at the culd-de-sac side­walk. Wait for us inside the bank’s park­ing lot.

click here to read more on PICK UP PROCEDURES UPON YOUR RETURN.…




Walk Across to Tijuana

otay mesa border crossing pedestrianOtay Mesa bor­der cross­ing for pedes­tri­ans is open 24 hours on both sides of the border.Its is open 24 hours every sin­gle day.

Dri­ving through Otay Mesa into Tijuana, the bor­der cross­ing is open 24 hours every­day. Dri­ving back through Otay Mesa (going North) the bor­der is open 24 hours for Ready Lane and reg­u­lar lines. Sen­tri line for cars is open Mon­day through Fri­day from 5am to 10pm. For week­ends and hol­i­days, Sen­tri for cars is open until midnight.

There are taxis avail­able on both sides of the bor­der. On the US bor­der side taxis are not avail­able 24 hours but on the Mex­i­can side taxis are avail­able 24 hours everyday.

To save time at the line on your return, apply for Ready Lane doc­u­ments. Ready Lane Doc­u­ment Require­ments. Apply for Global Entry Card, Sen­try, FAST or Nexus click here.

For more infor­ma­tion related to Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing, infor­ma­tion such as where to drop off or pick some­one up at the bor­der cross­ing click here Otay Mesa Bor­der Cross­ing.




Take Taxi in Tijuana to Tijuana Airport

Taxi to Tijuana AirportTaxis in Tijuana to Tijuana air­port are avail­able 24 hours. There are three taxi sites in Tijuana where you can take a taxi to the air­port. The taxi site clos­est to the bor­der cross­ing through Otay Mesa is the most expen­sive one but the most reli­able too.

If you want to know what things look like and how much you need to walk to get a taxi, watch this video we cre­ated a few years ago. Few things have changed ever since but for the most part it looks prac­ti­cally the same way today.

The cabs near­est to the bor­der cross­ing are avail­able 24 hours every day and the fare to the air­port is flat $15.00 for the ride. The other ones are NOT avail­able 24 hours every­day and their fee is flat $5.00 dol­lars for the ride to the airport.

Two things to keep in mind (1) Make sure you bring exact change. Taxi dri­vers never seem to have enough change.If you want to avoid giv­ing a big tip, bring change. They all take US dol­lars. (2) Remem­ber that taxis in Mex­ico are small and if you travel with a group of five or more, you might need to take two cars. TAXIS TO TIJUANA AIRPORT.….


Tes­ti­mo­ni­als and Reviews for Delta Truck Parking.

delta truck parking google reviewYes, we admit­ted. We want you cus­tomer review. But most impor­tantly we want your cus­tomer review posted on Google.

To make the process eas­ier for you, these are the steps to post a review on Google.

1) click here: Google Review

2) to write a review click where it says “Write a review”

3) sign in or sing up to Google

4) write your review and hope­fully we would receive 5 stars for a good job.



5) signup-signintop­ics for writ­ing a good review are: how was the process of get­ting the FMM form at the air­port, was your car safe with us, how to get back to us from the air­port, shut­tle to Tijuana air­port from the park­ing lot, taxi ride to the air­port, was it safe to get to the air­port at 11pm or at 5am, did you have prob­lems going through cus­toms on either side of the bor­der, was it safe get­ting to the air­port, how to kill time at the air­port if you arrive too early, would you rec­om­mend us or try us again. These are just some ideas to get you started.

Tes­ti­mo­ni­als and reviews about a busi­ness help oth­ers make a pur­chase deci­sion eas­ier. In our case, you tes­ti­mo­ni­als don’t have to be about our park­ing ser­vice. You can tell oth­ers your expe­ri­ence about get­ting the tourist form at the air­port ter­mi­nal. You can also help explain how it felt walk­ing back across the bor­der late in the evening. You can also men­tion tourist traps or you may also say some­thing good about our park­ing ser­vice.  Google