Tijuana Air­port Park­ing on the US Bor­der Side

So you have decided to fly out of Tijuana Air­port and now you are search­ing in the inter­net for the best way to get to the Tijuana Air­port ter­mi­nal. Prob­a­bly by now you have already read some blogs on Yelp, Google or Tri­pAd­vi­sor. Maybe you have a friend or rel­a­tive who has done it before but you are not quite sure about the infor­ma­tion you receive. Or maybe you have already col­lected so much infor­ma­tion that you are now suf­fer­ing of infor­ma­tion paral­y­sis. Per­haps you are just get­ting started, this is your first time fly­ing out of the Tijuana Air­port and we are your first source of infor­ma­tion. If any of the above state­ments describe your sit­u­a­tion, then this web­site is aimed at you. So lets get started!


To get to the Tijuana Air­port ter­mi­nal you have basi­cally five choices;

  1. you can drive and park at the Tijuana Air­port park­ing lot (not a good choice)
  2. you can park on the USA bor­der side, walk across and take a cab to the air­port (best choice — Otay Mesa)
  3. you can hire shut­tle to the Tijuana Air­port (nice but a very expen­sive choice)
  4. you can ask a friend or rel­a­tive to drive you to the Tijuana Air­port ter­mi­nal (you will have to pay back the BIG favor)
  5. you can have a friend or rel­a­tive drop you off at the any of the bor­der cross­ings (good choice too)

1) Tijuana Air­port Park­ing Lot (not a good choice):

Park­ing fees at the Tijuana Air­port aver­age $18.00 dol­lars a day. The Tijuana air­port park­ing lot is open 24/7. Dri­ving to the air­port through San Ysidro might take close to 30 min­utes and about 15 miutes through Otay Mesa. Car insur­ance for the time your car will stay in Mex­ico is highly rec­om­mended. Dri­ving back across the bor­der at San Ysidro should take close to 2 or 4 hours and through Otay Mesa 1 hour on a good day and as much as 4 hours on a busy day.


2) Park­ing on the USA bor­der side (best choice — Otay Mesa):

Tijuana and San Diego share two port of entries; to the West we have San Ysidro port of entry and to the East we have Otay Mesa. Otay Mesa is the best bor­der for Tijuana Air­port. The air­port is just on the other side of the bor­der fence or 2.5 miles West of the Otay Mesa bor­der crossing.

It is fast, safe, easy and reli­able to walk across south on foot. The bor­der cross­ing at Otay Mesa is open 24/7 on both direc­tions for cars and pedes­tri­ans. On the other side of the bor­der you may take a cab to the air­port — taxi fare is $12 dol­lars for the ride (as of 07/25/2014). Need to learn more, watch out video here, Taxis in Tijuana Otay to Tijuana Air­port. If you want to see what walk­ing across South at Otay Mesa looks like click here Cross­ing South on Foot at the Otay Mesa Bor­der Cross­ing (web­page under construction).


3) Shut­tle to the Tijuana Air­port (nice but a very expen­sive choice):

A shut­tle com­pany will pick you up at your home and drive you to the air­port through either the San ysidro or Otay Mesa port of entry. I strongly rec­om­mend that you allowed plenty of time for that. So many things can go wrong at the bor­der. The doors can be shut down for many rea­sons. If there is traf­fic in the frewway near the bor­der cross­ing just ask the dri­ver to drop you off at the bor­der, walk across and take a cab to the air­port. You will loose your flight and a lot more money if you decide to take chances with the traf­fic. On your return you will prob­a­bly have to take shut­tle back to your place.


4) Ask a friend or rel­a­tive to drive you to the Tijuana Air­port ter­mi­nal (you will have to pay back the BIG favor):

Most peo­ple will be happy to drive you to the air­port but when they hear that the wait time to drive south is close to an hour and cross­ing north over three hours, there is a sud­den change in atti­tude. Besides at one time or another you will have to return the big favor. Plus you have to pretty much beg for that favor. If you own a car, just drive to the Otay bor­der. Park your car, walk across, take a cab to the air­port. Take charge of your situation.Last year a cus­tomer of us needed to use ouir park­ing ser­vice again. He tried to per­suade his “com­padre” to park at Delta but instead he decided to park at the air­port as  he usu­ally used to do for many years in the past. On the return day, we picked up our old cus­tomer. He left our lot and drove to his des­ti­na­tion, Bak­ers­field, CA. When our cus­tomer was near to his des­ti­na­tion he call me to let me know that his “com­padre” was finally dri­ving across the bor­der. Some old habits are hard to break even when they do more bad than good.


5) You can have a friend or rel­a­tive drop you off at the any of the bor­der cross­ings (good choice too):

This will be just like step #4 above. The only dif­fer­ence will be that the per­sons mak­ing the favor will not have to waste hours of his/her time going through the bor­der on both direc­tions. This will work bet­ter if you are local to the bor­der cross­ing area. You will have to be picked up on your return.


Why Delta Truck Parking?

Every­day we receive in our park­ing sin­gle female cus­tomers or fam­i­lies with small chil­dren and tod­dlers.  They all arrive to our park­ing lot at all hours; 11pm, 3am, 4am, 6am, 9am, 1pm, 7pm. Some bring lots of lug­gage and some just bring a small carry-on. It is done every­day, all day long. We have expe­ri­ence. We are setup for this type of cus­tomer mar­ket. We have cus­tomers who bring brand new Euro­pean cars, custom-made SUVs, race cars, old cars, reg­u­lar fam­ily cars, spe­cial needs vehi­cles. We have seen it all, from the expen­sive Fer­rari to the good old reli­able Toy­ota Ter­cel. Each and every car is kept safe and each car owner is treated with the same respect. We work hard to earn you money and we give more much more for your money as well.

Delta Truck Park­ing is a COMMERCIAL park­ing lot near the Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing. We pro­vide safe and secure same day, overnight and long term park­ing ser­vice for both reg­u­lar cars and com­mer­cial vehi­cles. You are wel­come to park your car for as lit­tle as one hour or for as long as 20 days or longer. See our park­ing fees or cal­cu­late park­ing costs or read more about how our car park­ing ser­vice work. If you are ready, book online, spaces are lim­ited. Reser­va­tions are not required but of course we only guar­an­tee park­ing to those who pay in advance.

We are located 1.5miles North of the Otay Mesa bor­der cross­ing, just far enough from unde­sir­able park­ing headaches but close enough for a com­fort­able 5 minute mini-van ride to the bor­der cross­ing walk­way.  If you hate car door dings or if you drive a lux­ury car or if you pre­fer to arrive to the bor­der cross­ing in our shut­tle van, then we are the type of park­ing ser­vice you are look­ing for.


Just one last thing before you decide:

Car park­ing is pro­vided as valet park­ing ser­vice. What that means is that you must leave your car keys with us. So if you don’t mind leav­ing your car keys and if you don’t mind our truck dri­ver accounts, then you just found your­self a very safe and secure park­ing lot in Otay Mesa. See what other have said about us on Yelp and at Google.


Highly rec­om­mend this park­ing loca­tion 5.0 out of 5 stars Yelp Reviews

Parked here for 7 days since my flight was out of Tijuana to Guadala­jara. They have a 24hr shut­tle ser­vice to the bor­der and advice you to take a spe­cific taxi for safety pur­poses. Taxi charged us $12.00 to the bor­der and made us feel very safe. Came back at 3am from Guadala­jara 7 days later, called them to pick us up from the des­ig­nated loca­tion and they were there no more than 10min later. Highly rec­om­mend this park­ing loca­tion. They even have a dou­ble gate to keep vehi­cles secure.
Carla H.—1/6/2014 .


Much safer then park­ing at the Tijuana Air­port park­ing lot 5.0 out of 5 stars Google Reviews

I’d have to say the best way to fly out of TJ is to park at Delta Truck Park­ing and take their shut­tle to the Tijuana Air­port (air­port shut­tle no longer avail­able). The park­ing lot is very close and con­ve­nient in Otay Mesa, close to the bor­der and the 125 free­way. Truck park­ing may worry you, but the trucks park very far away from the cars and they have a very good 24 hours secu­rity and a 24 hour guard there. I feel my Jeep is safer here then at any park­ing lot at the San Diego Air­port and much safer then park­ing it at the Tijuana Air­port park­ing lot. The peo­ple are friendly, the shut­tle ser­vice is swift and very rea­son­ably priced and the lot is safe! Five Stars!
Cabo Russ. —Decem­ber 2013