Car Parking Cost

Car parking cost is based on a 24-hour period. Every 24 hours we add $10 or $12 to the reservation. Car parking cost is NOT calculated on an hourly basis, and it is not pro-rated.

Reservations become available on a quarterly basis:

  • January-February-March
  • February-March-Apri
  • March-April-May
  • April-May-June
  • May-June-July
  • June-July-August
  • July-August-September
  • August-September-October
  • September-October-November
  • October-November-December*
  • November-December*-January

* for December:
1. early bird at $10/day for a non-refundable reservation
2. early bird at $12/day for a refundable reservation
3. last-minute reservations are all non-refundable reservations at $15/day

Two types of car parking reservations:

1) Refundable Reservations:

2) Non-refundable Reservation:

  • The cost is $10 a day.
  • It’s required to leave the car keys.
  • Non-refundable reservations are subject to a $100 cancellation fee.
  • Flight changes are not subject to a cancellation fee.
  • Other restrictions apply, click here to read the refund disclosure in full detail.
  • Non-refundable reservations are subject to availability.


Shuttle Service

Delta Truck Parking provides 24-hour free shuttle service to and from:

There is no shuttle service available at any time to or from Tijuana International Airport, San Diego International Airport or San Ysidro border crossing.

How far in advance should I reserve parking?

For major observed holidays, such as July 4th, we recommend that you pay online at least two weeks in advance to guarantee a spot for your car.

For the high (busy) season, we recommend that you reserve parking for about one month in advance if you want to guarantee a spot for your car.

Types of payment methods

  • cash at the parking lot with the parking attendant, subject to parking availability
  • credit/debit or PayPal for online prepaid reservations, the ONLY way to guarantee a spot for your car

Are parking reservations required?

Parking reservations are NOT required, BUT online prepaid reservations are recommended if you want to guarantee a spot for your car.

To make a reservation or check availability click here.

Discounts, coupons, and deals

We don’t have weekly, monthly, long-term, military, veterans, senior, or AAA discounts, deals, or coupons at this time.