Free Shuttle Service

Shuttle van service is free of charge and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1. Transportation service is only available to and from:

2. How does the shuttle service work?

  • The shuttle service is provided when it is requested
  • First-come, first served
  • One-on-one basis, unless otherwise noted

3. When you arrive at the parking lot

The driver will immediately take you to the Otay Mesa or CBX border crossing if he’s available when you show up, otherwise, the wait time is 15 minutes or less.

4. Upon your return

  • At your return, you need to call the number printed on the parking ticket.
  • Do not call the office phone number, do not send a text message, and do not send an email asking to be picked up. Call the phone number printed on the parking ticket.
  • When you call, we need to know the parking ticket number, number of passengers, and the make, model, and color of your vehicle.
  • Wait time is 15 minutes or less, subject to traffic and driver availability.

5. CBX passenger pick up area


Upon return, call the number printed on the parking ticket. Wait for us near the food truck area. If possible, keep the parking ticket visible so we can find you faster.

6. Otay Mesa border passenger pick up are

Upon return, wait for us next to the pizza restaurant. Call the number printed on the ticket to be picked up. Wait time is 15 minutes, subject to traffic.

7. Child and booster seats:

We do NOT provide child seats or booster seats.

Upon request, we are happy to use your own child or booster seat for your child or children, but we do not set it up for you. We will bring it back to your car after we drop you off.

If this is a concern for you, you may also drop your passengers off, and when you, the driver, show up to the lot to park the car, we drive you back to the CBX or Otay Mesa border crossing. The same process could be implemented on your return.

8. Luggage and pet restrictions

Ice boxes: One or two large or smaller ice boxes are okay, but more than two large boxes are not permitted. You would need to drop them off first. We do not lift, load, or unload empty or loaded ice boxes.

Surfboards: One or two large or smaller surfboards are okay, but for more than that, you would have to drop them off first. We do not provide straps or ropes, nor do we tie down surfboards.

Luggage: We use a Toyota Sienna to provide the transportation service. The amount of luggage we are able to transport is limited to the space provided in the trunk of our Toyota Sienna. If you think that you will exceed the maximum luggage capacity available in the shuttle vehicle, it is recommended that you drop off passengers and luggage first. We assist with your luggage but we also reserve the right not to assist when the luggage is too heavy or difficult to handle.

Pets: Pets of any size are allowed in the shuttle vehicle, but only if they are in a cage or purse. You are welcome to first drop off passengers and pets.

9. Tijuana International Airport (TIJ) Departure and Arrival Chart

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Click here to check flight departures at Tijuana International Airport

Questions, comments, concerns?

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